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Houseband wonders –

Yes, I wonder what will happen (to me) if I impose news blackout on myself.

Today, I wake up late and suddenly I have the urge to do an experiment, just to know what will be my reaction, and the changes (if any) in my behavior if I cut myself -off (somehow) from whatever is happening in my country or within my surroundings.

I have of course some ideas as to what will happen, like I might experience anxiety, restlessness and or boredom. However, just for the sake of curiosity, I just want to know and experience it myself.

FYI, I have not watched television or craved to watch it for maybe one or two years now, and look at me, I am not even tempted to switch on the tv (well, there might be some exceptions, I do love watching tv when I am in a hotel. I dont know, I just love watching tv whenever I am in a hotel. Maybe someday, I might be able to explain why this is so).

This experiment will be just for a few days, no definite time yet because I am also eager to know the developments of the current impeachment drama of our chief justice. I am rooting for the conviction, though.

I also wonder drove me to conduct this exercise.