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Houseband’s Money Tree –

Pachira aquatica – this is the scientific name of my money tree.

My money tree

I have been quite excited after I received my money tree and immediately launched a search (on the net) on how to take care, grow and culture the plant.

I have here a picture of my money tree, and hopefully, I can propagate this and make more money trees. Well, we don’t know, maybe in the future I can make a business out of it, selling money trees, or bonsai money trees.

I have read that this plant actually comes from Central and South America, and it can really grow tall like 18 meters. It loves sunlight and needs less watering. It can also bear fruits, in a form of nuts, which they say tastes like peanuts, some people also make a flour out of the nuts.

As for me, I will stick to eating the nuts rather than eating any baked goodies from the produced flour.

I am rather curious now, what if I make a Pachira orchard and later on, will be the prime producer of the pachira nuts, and make candies out of it, just like in the case of the Pili nuts.

As I have said, this is an idea, and believing it will definitely make the idea into a reality.



Houseband on positive thoughts –

Ask for it, think of it and believe that it will be yours – the power of POSITIVITY.

Image from Google

Just this month, there was a time when I was busy searching the net about money plant or money tree. I read a lot of articles about this Chinese idea of bringing positive vibes or many luck into a home whenever there is a money tree or plant. And so I said that I should have that money tree.

I thought about it, and made plans as to when and where to buy the plant. I even remember that one day, as I was passing though our neighbor’s garden, I saw a big money tree. There, I was reminded of my money tree, as so with conviction, I sad to myself that I should buy one the soonest possible.

However, due to busy schedule, I have totally forgotten the thought of the money tree.

But today, in a very unexpected way, I was gifted with a MONEY TREE!

Yes, the very same plant that I have been so drooling over – but totally forgotten.

Then, I was reminded of the power of POSITIVE THINKING.

All the while, by just having the thought, I have been sending messages across the universe about having the money tree, and I believe that the universe also conspired to make that very thought a reality.

This IDEA has been there, thought by many masters, even nuanced in the teachings of the Church. However, we sometimes do not believe in it, or that we do not have the time to really give it a try. Probably, after hearing it, learning about it, we just shrug the idea and toss it aside.

For my case, I have been a firm believer of this, and I can honestly say this has happened to me a lot of times already.

What about you?