Houseband's musings


Houseband on Valentine’s Day –

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Today, everything I see is red, the streets are flooded with a sea of red, people must be really in love!

I have been thinking of how to celebrate the day with wifey, like are we going to do what most people do this day?

How can we be unique? or, is it important that we be different? Why can’t we just be like the ordinary couples celebrating the Valentine’s Day?

Well, whatever will be decided, I hope that we both enjoy this day.


Happy Valentines to you my Dear Wife!  I Love You, Muah!




Houseband’s inspired –

I got this from a friend and thought of posting it here, hope to spread the inspiring message.


Let us all get inspired!



Houseband does Yoga –

Yogatic – yep, that’s me!

Actually, I have been searching You Tube about yoga, and it was difficult for me to choose which yoga teacher to follow. So what I did, I patiently watched most of the uploaded videos and finally I was able to choose which Guru to follow, and then I decided also to inject some versions from other guru’s. Basically, my program would be a mixed teachings from several guru’s. And oh.. I got several videos also from a gym fitness instructor, for my abs =D

Here are my virtual yoga Guru’s.

1) Chris Croft – he teaches Ashtanga Yoga. More about him can be learned from his website, the Ashtanga Yoga Workshop.

2) Anmol Mehta – has also very interesting yoga teachings, and most of my videos subscribed from him are those yoga exercises/poses for losing weight. He’s website can be reached here:

3) Baba Ramdev – I liked his yoga teachings that can heal diseases, His You Tube website can be reached here:

4) Davey Wavey – he is not a yoga guru but a fitness gym instructor (sort of that), and most of the videos I subscribed from him are those videos about developing the abs, remember that I am hell-bent on making abs from my belly (lol). He’s You Tube website is this :

There, I hope that I have shared my yoga guru’s and fitness instructor. I had fun following their teachings, hope that you find it also enjoying.





PS – this is my 2nd day of self-imposed news blackout.

Houseband wonders –

Yes, I wonder what will happen (to me) if I impose news blackout on myself.

Today, I wake up late and suddenly I have the urge to do an experiment, just to know what will be my reaction, and the changes (if any) in my behavior if I cut myself -off (somehow) from whatever is happening in my country or within my surroundings.

I have of course some ideas as to what will happen, like I might experience anxiety, restlessness and or boredom. However, just for the sake of curiosity, I just want to know and experience it myself.

FYI, I have not watched television or craved to watch it for maybe one or two years now, and look at me, I am not even tempted to switch on the tv (well, there might be some exceptions, I do love watching tv when I am in a hotel. I dont know, I just love watching tv whenever I am in a hotel. Maybe someday, I might be able to explain why this is so).

This experiment will be just for a few days, no definite time yet because I am also eager to know the developments of the current impeachment drama of our chief justice. I am rooting for the conviction, though.

I also wonder drove me to conduct this exercise.



Houseband retraces –

Retracing the good paths or practices.

I am trying to retrace the good habits I must have lost along the way, this is to restructure my otherwise ‘destroyed’ structured life.

From here on, I might be posting some of my practices and habits that needed restructuring, developing or improvement.

Priority in the list is: Brushing teeth every after meal.

Yes, this is very embarrassing to admit that I am no longer brushing or flossing my teeth/gums as often as I should, especially the three times brushing everyday.

But to-day, this thing will change.

I will be reformatting my habits, replacing the bad ones with the good old ones.

So, brushing three times a day, it is!


Houseband’s diet –

Camote diet, that is.

I started having camote (or sweet potato) as my primary source of carb (instead of rice) just this January of this year. Although of course I had eaten camote a lot since lat year but I still had bread or rice as my main carb source.

This year, I vowed and promised myself that I will just eat camote and do away with bread and or rice or a combination of both.

It is not easy actually to take out rice or bread from my system. When I first tried shunning rice, when I got hungry, I was sweating and feeling cold at the same time. Big sweats were oozing out from my forehead. Then, I was chilling. I fought it, until such time that sweating and chilling subsided, and then finally I was feeling okay.

After that, I thought that from there on I could really withstand any cravings for rice or bread.

So camote it is now.

Of course, I researched about the benefits of having camote instead of rice or bread, and I am quite happy with it. Further, it greatly favors my resolution of having to trim down body fats.

Well, for more information about camote, you can search tons of information from the net.

Opps…  I think it is time now for my daily workout.

Burn the fats and bulge those muscles!


Houseband’s 2nd Day –

Yesterday was my birthday, and today is my second day as *^ of age,

how cool is that! (I mean old…)

Today, I started my day with an exercise. I did some light workout, especially on the abs because my belly is really looking true to its name – BELLY. With this I mean that my belly it is really looking rotund, that if not given attention and or early intervention, it might really just bloat and be a true belly, and this I cannot accept!

So, as part of my resolution for this year, is that I will pay attention to my health and body shape (should I say figure?).

I might just have to start light, and gradually will have to increase the regimen so that I might be able to attain my body shape that I want.

I might also do a lot of toning, because I wanted to have more muscles showing rather than rounded arms because of fats, but this is only secondary, my priority is the belly and turn it into real ABS.

Really my question, why is it that if the stomach is well toned and with the packs showing, it is called abs, but if it is bulging all around it is called belly.

Anyways, I want the abs.