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Houseband on Need to be Needed –

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I am human, I have this fundamental need to be needed.

I am happy when I am needed.

Just the other day, by chance I happen to meet a former colleague from work and we had a rather short and hurried conversation, but that conversation made my day, in-fact until now.

I must have mentioned from my previous posts that I already resigned from my work for health reasons.

In that conversation I was informed that my name was mentioned by my former boss saying that I should not have been allowed to resign yet as I am needed very much at work. Hearing that, it has brought smile to my face, a rather rapid surge of blood through my body made me blushing, and then that muffled and choked chuckling due to happiness.

But of course, I was very polite as not to be very obvious.

I could not remember anymore what else we talked about, I was just lulled to high heavens from the message I received.

As I went home and as I was able to recapture my composure or ‘sanity’ (sanity for lack of adjective), I tried analyzing my behavior and the emotions that I felt after that encounter. Then, I realized that, ah, yes – I am just human, I have the fundamental need to be needed.

Having that need satisfied, I felt that happiness and satisfaction.

Looking back, yes, I enjoyed my work, I love helping other people and molding their minds. I tried helping them to be aware and be ready to face the real world. But as would everybody else, I also have my needs and priorities, I needed a change, I need to tend for my SELF, so that in the end, I can still do the things I love most, and do good to others.

I am Happy and I intend to be – ALWAYS!



Houseband goes sprouts –

Sprouts or sprouted vegetables or greens have been around for quite a time already.

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In fact, I am used to eat sprouted mongo or mung bean, and we locally call it Tauge or Tawge.

Sprouted mung bean or mongo or tauge has its health benefits to humans like it can decrease the risk of heart diseases, colon cancer, and many more.

In terms of vitamins, it has ample amounts of Vitamin C which is not present in the seed; further there are a lot of enzymes that are activated when, the seeds are sprouting, that can be readily assimilated by the body.

Plus, it is a good source of high quality protein, much betterand than the proteins we get from meats like pork, fish and chicken.

I am having this post because soon, I will be spending some spare time sprouting mung beans, and will try to improve my sprouting methods, lastly I will try also to develop recipes for my produce.

Soon, I will be eating a lot of Tauge, and I can’t wait to see the benefits.


Houseband does Yoga –

Yogatic – yep, that’s me!

Actually, I have been searching You Tube about yoga, and it was difficult for me to choose which yoga teacher to follow. So what I did, I patiently watched most of the uploaded videos and finally I was able to choose which Guru to follow, and then I decided also to inject some versions from other guru’s. Basically, my program would be a mixed teachings from several guru’s. And oh.. I got several videos also from a gym fitness instructor, for my abs =D

Here are my virtual yoga Guru’s.

1) Chris Croft – he teaches Ashtanga Yoga. More about him can be learned from his website, the Ashtanga Yoga Workshop.

2) Anmol Mehta – has also very interesting yoga teachings, and most of my videos subscribed from him are those yoga exercises/poses for losing weight. He’s website can be reached here:

3) Baba Ramdev – I liked his yoga teachings that can heal diseases, His You Tube website can be reached here:

4) Davey Wavey – he is not a yoga guru but a fitness gym instructor (sort of that), and most of the videos I subscribed from him are those videos about developing the abs, remember that I am hell-bent on making abs from my belly (lol). He’s You Tube website is this :

There, I hope that I have shared my yoga guru’s and fitness instructor. I had fun following their teachings, hope that you find it also enjoying.





PS – this is my 2nd day of self-imposed news blackout.