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Houseband on Need to be Needed –

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I am human, I have this fundamental need to be needed.

I am happy when I am needed.

Just the other day, by chance I happen to meet a former colleague from work and we had a rather short and hurried conversation, but that conversation made my day, in-fact until now.

I must have mentioned from my previous posts that I already resigned from my work for health reasons.

In that conversation I was informed that my name was mentioned by my former boss saying that I should not have been allowed to resign yet as I am needed very much at work. Hearing that, it has brought smile to my face, a rather rapid surge of blood through my body made me blushing, and then that muffled and choked chuckling due to happiness.

But of course, I was very polite as not to be very obvious.

I could not remember anymore what else we talked about, I was just lulled to high heavens from the message I received.

As I went home and as I was able to recapture my composure or ‘sanity’ (sanity for lack of adjective), I tried analyzing my behavior and the emotions that I felt after that encounter. Then, I realized that, ah, yes – I am just human, I have the fundamental need to be needed.

Having that need satisfied, I felt that happiness and satisfaction.

Looking back, yes, I enjoyed my work, I love helping other people and molding their minds. I tried helping them to be aware and be ready to face the real world. But as would everybody else, I also have my needs and priorities, I needed a change, I need to tend for my SELF, so that in the end, I can still do the things I love most, and do good to others.

I am Happy and I intend to be – ALWAYS!