Houseband's musings


Houseband goes sprouts –

Sprouts or sprouted vegetables or greens have been around for quite a time already.

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In fact, I am used to eat sprouted mongo or mung bean, and we locally call it Tauge or Tawge.

Sprouted mung bean or mongo or tauge has its health benefits to humans like it can decrease the risk of heart diseases, colon cancer, and many more.

In terms of vitamins, it has ample amounts of Vitamin C which is not present in the seed; further there are a lot of enzymes that are activated when, the seeds are sprouting, that can be readily assimilated by the body.

Plus, it is a good source of high quality protein, much betterand than the proteins we get from meats like pork, fish and chicken.

I am having this post because soon, I will be spending some spare time sprouting mung beans, and will try to improve my sprouting methods, lastly I will try also to develop recipes for my produce.

Soon, I will be eating a lot of Tauge, and I can’t wait to see the benefits.



Houseband’s Money Tree –

Pachira aquatica – this is the scientific name of my money tree.

My money tree

I have been quite excited after I received my money tree and immediately launched a search (on the net) on how to take care, grow and culture the plant.

I have here a picture of my money tree, and hopefully, I can propagate this and make more money trees. Well, we don’t know, maybe in the future I can make a business out of it, selling money trees, or bonsai money trees.

I have read that this plant actually comes from Central and South America, and it can really grow tall like 18 meters. It loves sunlight and needs less watering. It can also bear fruits, in a form of nuts, which they say tastes like peanuts, some people also make a flour out of the nuts.

As for me, I will stick to eating the nuts rather than eating any baked goodies from the produced flour.

I am rather curious now, what if I make a Pachira orchard and later on, will be the prime producer of the pachira nuts, and make candies out of it, just like in the case of the Pili nuts.

As I have said, this is an idea, and believing it will definitely make the idea into a reality.


Houseband wonders –

Yes, I wonder what will happen (to me) if I impose news blackout on myself.

Today, I wake up late and suddenly I have the urge to do an experiment, just to know what will be my reaction, and the changes (if any) in my behavior if I cut myself -off (somehow) from whatever is happening in my country or within my surroundings.

I have of course some ideas as to what will happen, like I might experience anxiety, restlessness and or boredom. However, just for the sake of curiosity, I just want to know and experience it myself.

FYI, I have not watched television or craved to watch it for maybe one or two years now, and look at me, I am not even tempted to switch on the tv (well, there might be some exceptions, I do love watching tv when I am in a hotel. I dont know, I just love watching tv whenever I am in a hotel. Maybe someday, I might be able to explain why this is so).

This experiment will be just for a few days, no definite time yet because I am also eager to know the developments of the current impeachment drama of our chief justice. I am rooting for the conviction, though.

I also wonder drove me to conduct this exercise.