Houseband's musings

Houseband’s diet –

Camote diet, that is.

I started having camote (or sweet potato) as my primary source of carb (instead of rice) just this January of this year. Although of course I had eaten camote a lot since lat year but I still had bread or rice as my main carb source.

This year, I vowed and promised myself that I will just eat camote and do away with bread and or rice or a combination of both.

It is not easy actually to take out rice or bread from my system. When I first tried shunning rice, when I got hungry, I was sweating and feeling cold at the same time. Big sweats were oozing out from my forehead. Then, I was chilling. I fought it, until such time that sweating and chilling subsided, and then finally I was feeling okay.

After that, I thought that from there on I could really withstand any cravings for rice or bread.

So camote it is now.

Of course, I researched about the benefits of having camote instead of rice or bread, and I am quite happy with it. Further, it greatly favors my resolution of having to trim down body fats.

Well, for more information about camote, you can search tons of information from the net.

Opps…  I think it is time now for my daily workout.

Burn the fats and bulge those muscles!



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