Houseband's musings

Houseband’s 2nd Day –

Yesterday was my birthday, and today is my second day as *^ of age,

how cool is that! (I mean old…)

Today, I started my day with an exercise. I did some light workout, especially on the abs because my belly is really looking true to its name – BELLY. With this I mean that my belly it is really looking rotund, that if not given attention and or early intervention, it might really just bloat and be a true belly, and this I cannot accept!

So, as part of my resolution for this year, is that I will pay attention to my health and body shape (should I say figure?).

I might just have to start light, and gradually will have to increase the regimen so that I might be able to attain my body shape that I want.

I might also do a lot of toning, because I wanted to have more muscles showing rather than rounded arms because of fats, but this is only secondary, my priority is the belly and turn it into real ABS.

Really my question, why is it that if the stomach is well toned and with the packs showing, it is called abs, but if it is bulging all around it is called belly.

Anyways, I want the abs.



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