Houseband's musings

Houseband celebrates –

I am celebrating my birthday – Quietly.

Today, I am already  *^ and I feel old. Why is it that adding another year to our age seems unacceptable?

Maybe I am just in denial, or that aging is not in my vocabulary, or that I just cannot accept that I am old!


But, yeah…here I am and it is my birthday, I guess I just have to be brave and might as well greet myself a Happy Birthday!

Now, for my resolutions this year (which I always do on my birthdays instead of the usual New Year’s day).

I will be much better this year that a year ago. I will do my best and most importantly, I will not procrastinate.

Procrastination is really my pitfall, I really need to get rid of it. Every year I tried but most often I just fall back to it, pity isn’t it?

Well this year, it will be different.

Again, Happy Birthday to me!


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