Houseband's musings

Houseband invests –

For extra income, that is.

Investing is not really new. I have been into investing for quite a time now. However, now that I am at home full time, I have to find ways to generate more income, that is, to inject more funds into the lending business.

As of now, the lending business is earning modestly. My income from this business is even higher than what I receive from my salary before. However, it would have been better if I still have my salary because that would mean that I would have earned twice than what I am receiving now. But that is water under the bridge now. I just have to intensify now my lending business if I want to get the same income as what I have before.

Risks are high for this business, but I am confident in the Lord, that He would bless and guide me in this investment venture.

I am actually contemplating of looking/scouting for investors. However, I need to establish first that this lending venture is positively stable so that they will be more confident in investing their money.

I need also to make sure that in this business, honesty and transparency are a prime policy.

Goodluck to me!



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