Houseband's musings

Houseband explains –

Yes, let me answer the questions you might be meaning to ask me.

I am a houseband, well, just recently.

I used to be out and about when I still have my work, but when I resigned from my previous job, I now have a new job, and this is it – a HOUSEBAND.

Yes, I do miss my previous job. I also miss the busy schedule and the daily routine. Unfortunately, I have health issues because of my job, which I will not discuss for now. Suffice it to say that, I have to give-up my job and accept this being a houseband.

In my more than two months of being a houseband, I have a lot of realizations. I now understand that managing the house is not an easy task. In fact, this job is much difficult than what I used to do. No wonder that no one prefers this position, not even my wife.

But, I am learning and doing my best to do a good job.

Someday, I will be blogging more about my experiences as a houseband, or anything that I can share.

I hope that through this, I might be able to unload all that is in me and that I might also learn from the others through their sharings.

Goodluck to me!



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